Almost everyone who is associated with Web industry knows Ethan Marcotte. If you are seeing this name for the first time, then chances are you missed the train to an exciting Web, while supporting the legacy applications.

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Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive Web Design” in 2010. The term soon became the practice for Interactive Developers.

If you have been writing CSS for devices used today, and didn’t know what’s the better approach, then this post is for you, as I’ll be sharing some titles which I have gone through before I could deliver hours of session on Responsive Web Design. These books have not only provided a better way to write CSS for the applications which I have developed, these also provide the base for well structured CSS which can be extended for future enhancements.

Responsive Web Design - Ethan Marcotte

Ethan Marcotte

The first book I picked up is from Ethan Marcotte – Responsive Web Design. The same is available at SitePoint. It’s good for beginners as well as for seasoned programmers who would like to learn RWD inside out. It provides and overview of Responsive Web, and introduces Responsive Grid. It covers essentials of RWD – providing ways to make images flexible, Media Queries 101, and provides Responsive Workflow.

Then I came across, Responsible Responsive Design – Scott Jehl. This piece provides the next step – to build responsive designs in responsible way, to ensure they’re ready not just for differently sized screens, but for the changing shape of a universal, device-agnostic web.


Scott Jehl

This title speaks about responsible tenets: usability and accessibility, it covers higher-level considerations before getting into nitty-gritty code. It explores the sustainable way to detect features and means to provide support. Responsive Design polyfills have been discussed as well. With polyfills addressed, the book goes beyond and provides roadmap for planning for Performance. This title is also available at SitePoint.

These two titles definitely puts one is better position to address RWD requirements. Recently, I came across Smashing Book 5 – Real-Life Responsive Web Design, authored by a group of Industry leads. I’m yet to explore it to comment on it’s content.


Once I’ve covered Smashing Book 5, I’ll definitely share my comments.