I have been using Sublime Text, WebStorm, Brackets for developing web applications for a while. Recently, I came across express edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 for Web and I have started to love it. It has the best IntelliSense an editor can provide. It has proven to be one of the best IDE for scaffolding a Web API. Hence, I’ll try to use it for next few projects and share my experience along with problems I face.

While working on a Web API, I had to add a new JSON file. Since, the content was huge I directly added the same via explorer in the App_Data folder.

visual studio app data added via explorer


In Visual Studio solution explorer the App_Data didn’t reflect the change. Hence, I refreshed the solution explorer. Still no change could be observed.

visual studio app data not sync


The reason behind such behaviour is that the JSON file which I pasted via explorer is not included in the project. Hence, It is invisible to the project. To view invisible files (excluded files), one has to click on [Show all Files] button on right top of the solution explorer.

visual studio app data show all content


Show all Files enables all files to be visible. One can include the newly added file to project by right clicking and selecting [Include In Project].

visual studio app data include in project

By clicking [Include In Project], one ensures that the file is linked to the project and visible even if [Show All Files] is unselected.